Help needed at JCs Youth Cafe MCH

12 Oct 2023

Hi all!

It’s Sophie Horlock, the youth pastor from PMCH.  Before I get on the main point of this post, I wanted to say that a blessing it is to be a part of the work God is doing in the transformation of our city. That God is raising up His church as united and diverse as He is for such a time as this. We at PMCH once ran a youth cafe called JCs out of the back of our buildings with an aim to reach the unreached youth of our city with the love of Jesus and to be a safe space for a Friday evening, and it was wonderful thing. However, in our determination to run this cafe, we did it alone and under our own guidance. While we did see transformation, it was not to the level that this city and the youth of our city deserve, and it never reopened after Covid. Since then, we have been approached by the council and the police force within Plymouth to reopen under a new direction and a new vision. At the beginning of the reopening of this outreach program, we were conscious that God was calling us to approach this differently and that:

  1. Without God nothing that is built will be sustained or will sustain anyone.
  2. This is the work of God and His church not the work of a single church in the city

The vision we are stewarding and pressing into is a space in the city centre for 11-14yr, 4pm-6pm, to feel safe and to encounter the love of Jesus through the action of the united church body that reflects a true picture of what a life transformed looks like. That no matter your background, situation, age, race, gender, orientation, that no one is excluded from the love of God. 

And for that we need you. So, we are asking if anyone is interesting in helping form this outreach program with us and maybe volunteer for just a few hours a week, then to reach out to us at PMCH/fill in this form to let us know via this link:


Sophie from PMCH